We use following simplifications for conversation tags:

  1. You tag conversations at the same time as they are initiated
  2. You do not untag conversations (data will disappear if you do)
  3. Teammates tag only their own conversations

Also, currently we are limited by Intercom to tags per conversation. You must know that in Intercom you tag not conversations, but replies. However, if you tag more than one reply in the same conversation with the same tag, we can't determine that. All we know is that this conversation has this tag. Hence, you may see some discrepancy in these cases: we show that there's 1 conversation with this tag, and Intercom shows that there's 2 replies with this tag.
We are trying to persuade Intercom to give us tags per reply, and we will update this report as soon as they've done it.

Conversation Tags

This chart shows amount of conversations started in given period that contain replies with a certain tag.

Tags Used by Teammates

This chart shows amount of tags in conversations started in a given period assigned to a certain teammate or team. E.g., if one day Åke has 3 assigned conversations and each has 2 tags, the chart will show number 6 for that day.

Tags Used by Teammates (table)

The same as the previous chart, but in a table format with predefined date ranges.

All Conversation Tags (table)

This table shows overall stats for all of your conversation tags. Easy to filter and sort, i.e., you can sort the table by any column to see what are the most used tags in the recent time.
Bonus: click a tag to open Intercom page for conversation with that tag.

Top Conversation Tags by Users/Leads/Companies (table)

This table shows the most used tags for each user / lead / company. We limit the amount of columns (tags) to 10 for performance reasons. Click any cell in the table to sort the columns based on that user/lead/company. E.g., on the screenshot the table is sorted by Lead 1.
Bonus: click a user/lead/company to open their Intercom page.
Also, if you want to see the full data for this table, you can download it as CSV.

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