This one is quite simple. 🤓It's a one-click authorization and you're done. No developers needed. For pricing, see this article.

Go to our sign up forms, fill out those details and approve us on Intercom. 

1. Enter your details

2. Connect with Intercom

PS. Be sure to select the correct app on Intercom (see that top right dropdown, that's were you select the app you want to connect with).

3. Add Credit card

4. That's it, after this we start processing and let you know when it's done.

Simple as that. You don't need to ask your developers or add any code to your codebase. You just authenticate through Intercom and we begin process your data. 🚀

Ready to sign up? Go ahead right here. Still not sure? Check out our demo and ask us anything you want to know. 🤓

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