One of the core features of Statbot is the ability to show data around users and companies over time. That means both Intercom and Statbot need to have correct sign up dates to take full advantage of our products. So if you have a warning (see screenshot below) in Statbot about invalid sign up dates, here is information on how to fix this problem.

Fixing invalid sign up dates

Intercom and Statbot need to know when your existing users and companies signed up.

This date is sent to Intercom in the form of a Unix timestamp. Every modern programming language has ways to calculate these timestamps. Intercom only accepts the timestamp in seconds not in milliseconds. Intercom will also accept ISO 8601 timestamps if generating a Unix one is troublesome.

Update signed_up_at attribute on your users. More detailed info on Users API Reference.

Can't see data around companies in Statbot?

For companies to show up you will need to update the remote_created_at attribute in Intercom so it matches the created_at attribute in your DB. More detailed info on Companies API Reference.

What if I don't know or can't generate the timestamp?

Talk to your developers, they should be able to fix this problem. If not, you will still get some of the reports working for you. Those reports that are based on these sign up dates will look skewed though.

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