Users / Companies for each Segment / Tag

Every day we get snapshots of counts for each of your Segment/Tag and plot them.

Note, however, that we get these snapshots somewhere between 03:00 - 09:00 UTC, so if you have Segments like "Daily Active Users", then dates will not align perfectly. Suppose your "DAU" segment includes users who were active in the past 24 hours. Then we get a snapshot of this segment in the 06:00 UTC, 25 Aug. This snapshot will actually show users that were active between 06:00 UTC 24 Aug and 06:00 UTC 25 Aug. But in our chart it will be labeled 25 Aug, because that's the date we got the snapshot.
Note: we cannot show this data retrospectively, so you can't look behind the date you signed up with Statbot.

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