Counts on conversations assigned to admins

When the conversation is assigned to a specific admin, we always count towards that assigned admin. So even if another admin replies instead of the assigned, we count towards the assigned.

Counts on conversations assigned to a specific team

When the conversation is assigned to a Team (and not an admin), we count each reply to its actual author. E.g., you have admins Alice and Charlie who are in team Bravo. Conversation X is assigned to Bravo, Alice sends one message and Charlie sends one message. Then Alice has 1 message and Charlie has 1 message. 

Note: this applies only to replies. Other charts (new/active/closed) are based on conversation's assignee: in the aforementioned example, conversation counts as Active for Bravo.

We are looking to change this logic to count replies left by Alice and Charlie to Bravo, but we're not completely sure how the end result should look. We have following options: 

  1. Alice: 1, Charlie: 1, Bravo: 2
  2. Alice: 0, Charlie: 0, Bravo: 2

If you have any ideas or suggestions here, don't hesitate to contact us!

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